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Dr. Shruti Sharma, ENT specialist doctor is trained and qualified to perform mastoidectomy, medical procedure, at (Pedder Road and Tardeo) Mumbai.

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A mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure involving removing infected or damaged mastoid air cells. The mastoid bone, located behind the ear, contains a honeycomb-like structure of air cells.

Infections in the middle ear can spread to these air cells, leading to complications such as mastoiditis. Mastoidectomy aims to eliminate the infection, improve hearing, and prevent the spread of infection to surrounding structures.

Why is Mastoidectomy Performed ?

Mastoidectomy is performed for various reasons, including:

  • To treat mastoiditis, an infection of the mastoid air cells.
  • To remove cholesteatoma, an abnormal skin growth in the middle ear.
  • To address the underlying issue of recurrent or chronic ear infections that do not respond to other treatments.

Types of Mastoidectomy Procedures

There are different types of mastoidectomy procedures, including:

  • Simple Mastoidectomy:This procedure involves removing infected air cells, cleaning the area, and leaving the eardrum intact.
  • Radical Mastoidectomy:In this procedure, the eardrum and middle ear structures are removed along with infected air cells. It is typically performed for extensive or recurrent infections.
  • Modified Radical Mastoidectomy: This procedure removes infected air cells, and parts of the middle ear and preserves the eardrum to maintain some level of hearing.